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Big Data Hadoop Training Bangalore – Developer , Admin, Analytics & Architect Courses – 5 Days HandsOn Sessions

Register Now: May 21 – 24, 2016 [5 Days] hands On Big Data Training with PoC work.

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Big data Hadoop Training Bangalore

We provide Expert level Hadoop Training Bangalore on Apache Hadoop Stack & Big Data Analytics Training, the open source data management software that helps organizations analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, is a very hot topic across the tech industry. Employed by such big named websites as eBay, Facebook, and Yahoo, Hadoop is being tagged by many as one of the most desired tech skills for 2012 and coming years along with Cloud Computing.

Hadoop Training Bangalore Course – What participants will learn?
The attendees will learn below topics through lectures and hands-on exercises
– Understand Big Data & Hadoop Ecosystem
– Hadoop Distributed File System – HDFS
– Use Map Reduce API and write common algorithms
– Best practices for developing and debugging map reduce programs
– Advanced Map Reduce Concepts & Algorithms
– Hadoop Best Practices & Tip and Techniques
– Managing and Monitoring Hadoop Cluster
– Importing and exporting data using Sqoop
– Leverage Hive & Pig for analysis

Intended Audience: Architects and developers, who wish to build, manage Hadoop Stack or write, build and maintain Apache Hadoop jobs.

Course Prerequisites: The participants should have basic understanding or knowledge of java and linux.

Course Content:
What is Big Data & Why Hadoop?
• Big Data Characteristics, Challenges with traditional system
Hadoop Overview & it’s Ecosystem
• Anatomy of Hadoop Cluster, Installing and Configuring Hadoop
• Hands-On Exercise
HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System
• HDFS Architecture, Name Nodes, Data Nodes and Secondary Name Node
• Hands-On Exercise
Map Reduce Anatomy
• How Map Reduce Works?
• The Mapper & Reducer, , Data Type, Input& Output Formats
Developing Map Reduce Programs
• Setting up Eclipse Development Environment, Creating Map Reduce Projects, Debugging and Unit Testing
• Developing a map reduce algorithm on real world scenario
• Hands On Exercises
Advanced Map Reduce Concepts
• Combiner, Partitioner, Counter, Compression, Setup and teardown, Speculative Execution, Zero Reducer and Distributed Cache
Advanced Map Reduce Algorithms
• Sorting, Searching , Multiple Inputs, Chaining multiple jobs
• Joins, Handling Binary & Unstructured data

Advanced Tips & Techniques
• Determining optimal number of reducers, skipping bad records
• Partitioning into multiple output files & Passing parameters to tasks
• Hadoop Cluster sizing and capacity planning
Monitoring & Management of Hadoop
• Managing HDFS with Tools like fsck and dfsadmin
• Using HDFS & Job Tracker Web UI
• Routine Administration Procedures
• Hands On Exercises
• Importing and Exporting data from using RDBMS
• Hands On Exercises – Import and Export
• Hive Basics, Internal & External Tables, Partitioning, Buckets
• Writing queries – Joins, Union, Dynamic partitioning, Sampling
• Hands On Exercise – Structured data analysis
• Pig Basics, Loading data files
• Hands On Exercise – Semi-structured Data Analysis
Setting up a Hadoop Cluster ( Access to 50 Node Hadoop Cluster )
• Hands-On Session
Hadoop Best Practices

RealTime Case Studies

We are providing Hadoop (Big data) training Courses online and classroom with single node and multi-node lab environment.

Interested people can contact us for the next Big Data Course at Bangalore – at +91 97899 68765 .

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Why Learn Big Data?

According to IDC, “Big Data market is grow revenue at 31.7 percent a year and will be $23.8 billion in 2016”. IDC estimates that Hadoop market is currently 77 million growing at a 60 percent compound annual growth rate and will hit $812.8 million mark in 2016.

Harvard Business Review describes Data Scientist as the – Sexiest Job of the 21st Century. Data scientist are required in both start-ups and well-established companies.

1. Current data on job openings

According to Mcksiney Global Institue, “Demand for deep analytical positions in a big data world could exceed the supply being produced on current trends by 140,000 to 190,000 positions.” These numbers are reflective for data scientists in US. The numbers for international markets are obviously considered to be much higher.

2. Which type of companies hire?

Product companies, E-Commerce, Research and Development Centers, Telecommunication, Retail, Technology Consulting Firms

Big Data Training Bangalore Hadoop Training in Bangalore, 2013