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Big Data Analytics with R

Big Data Analytics with R Training

This Big data analytics & hadoop training program extensively covers big data and predictive analytics techniques using R and Hadoop.

With big data analytics, data scientists and others can analyze huge volumes of data that conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions can’t touch. Consider this; it’s possible that your organization could accumulate (if it hasn’t already) billions of rows of data with hundreds of millions of data combinations in multiple data stores and abundant formats. High-performance analytics is necessary to process that much data in order to figure out what’s important and what isn’t. Enter big data analytics.


Programming experience and exposure with Data related work such as Reporting, Data Integration, Database Management etc.

Course Outline


  • Big Data Overview
  • State of the practice in analytics
  • The role of the Data Scientist
  • Big Data Analytics in Industry Verticals

Introduction to Big Data Analytics

  • Key roles for a successful analytic project
  • Main phases of the lifecycle
  • Developing core deliverables for stakeholders

End-to-end data analytics lifecycle

  • Introduction to R
  • Analyzing and exploring data with R
  • Statistics for model building and evaluation

Using R to execute basic analytic methods

  • Naive Bayesian Classifier
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Association Rules
  • Decision Trees
  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Text Analytics

Advanced analytics and statistical modeling for Big Data – Theory and Methods

  • Using MapReduce/Hadoop for analyzing unstructured data
  • Hadoop ecosystem of tools
  • In-database Analytics
  • MADlib and Advanced SQL Techniques

Advanced analytics and statistical modeling for Big Data – Technology and Tools

  • How to operationalize an analytics project
  • Creating the Final Deliverables
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Hands-on Application of Analytics
  • Lifecycle to a Big Data Analytics Problem

Communication of Results and Big Data Analytics Life Cycle Lab

Big Data Training Bangalore Hadoop Training in Bangalore, 2013