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Big Data Services : Why Choose Us?  
Making informed Business decisions is a cornerstone of any successful enterprise. The modern business environment is as competitive as ever. Leveraging the enormous amount of data available is proving handy in managing competition and staying relevant. That is where our Big Data Consulting Services come help!

Consider this: research shows that about 2.5 exabytes of data are created each day, with the number doubling every three years. More data is generated per second across the internet than was stored in the entire internet 20 years ago! And it goes beyond the internet! There is petabytes of data in a single data set that companies can leverage to drive business success.  Remember, an Exabyte is 1,000 times a petabyte, or one billion gigabytes! Why not let the experts help you leverage this data goldmine to drive innovation and growth for your business?

big data services

What We Offer
Our Big Data Consulting Services are specifically meant to help organizations transform organizational knowledge into tactical insights for more informed, timelier business decisions. We help organizations determine a consistent set of metrics from which to analyze, monitor and predict business performance. We also help organizations implement the reporting tools necessary for getting the right information to the right people—from C-level executives to rank-and-file business analysts. This is crucial for making life changing business decisions. With Big Data Technologies, we solve your 3V data problems: Volume, Velocity and Variety. However, we go further and ensure the realization of the 4th V, which is Value for your organization.

Our Big Data solutions can help organizations:

  • Align strategy and operational performance with a single version of  insights about enterprise performance
  • Respond to opportunities and threats better by transforming enterprise information into actionable insights with analytics
  • Support real-time decision making throughout the organization with multidimensional reporting and dashboard solutions
  • Increase productivity by effectively and efficiently connecting people with the information they need for their work

Our Approach:
At DataFelt, our focus is on helping clients identify and leverage their Big Data Analytics, BI and performance management priorities.  Such an undertaking enables us to better focus our efforts where clients can benefit the most. With extensive experience, DataFelt offers industry-tested insights and guidance across a range of DW/BI to Big Data disciplines that accelerate an organization’s journey to know more.

Our consultants bring on board extensive experience and industry-specific leading practices requisite for tackling virtually any BI challenge. Our job is to help you understand how to better leverage information efficiently, which performance metrics matter most to different industries, and what tools and techniques transform data sources into actionable insights.

We are supported by our state-of-the-art Global Delivery Centers in the United States and India. These offer cost-effective access to leading IT resources essential for focused technical development and delivery, meant to help organizations realize the benefits of their investments faster.

Big Data Services

MPP Platforms Supported:

Cloud Compute Platforms Supported:

In-Memory Databases Supported:

NoSQL Platforms Supported:

Business Intelligence Environments Supported:

  • Business Intelligence
    – Karmasphere, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, BIRT, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Oracle Hyperion, Microsoft Powerview & Powerpivot, Datameer
  • ETL
    – Pentaho Kettle, Informatica, DataStage, Abinitio

Database Platforms Supported:

  • Teradata/Aster Data
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Netezza
  • Text Files (fixed, csv)
  • XML
  • EDI Files

Set Your Organization On The Path To Success With Effective Use Of Big Data Solutions.

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