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iOS swift programming training

Course Description

iOS swift programming training

In this hands on Swift programming course, attendees will learn how to develop iPhone and iPad applications using the Swift programming language and the Xcode 6 Integrated Development Environment. The course emphasizes safe programming practices and introduces the MVC pattern in detail. Students are familiarized with core APIs including the Foundation and Cocoa Touch frameworks. Students will learn how to utilize Objective-C code in Swift applications in order to take advantage of the rich variety of existing APIs and frameworks. Students will learn how to save and read files for local systems and how to use the Core Data system to create local SQLite databases. Attendees also learn how to develop apps incorporating iCloud support, and the requirements for sharing documents.

iOS swift programming training

Learn how to create full-featured iOS 8 apps from scratch using the new Swift programming language in this hands-on training course taught by a renowned iOS expert.

  • Learn how to use the latest iOS 8 SDK, Xcode 6, and the new Swift programming language to build iOS apps like the pros.
  • Gain hands-on coding experience and get answers to your questions so you can start creating your own iOS apps with confidence.
  • Save development time and frustration by focusing exclusively on iOS development for four days with expert guidance.

This course is designed for experienced programmers who are new to iOS development and who are not yet familiar with the Swift Programming Language.


How to create high-quality iOS apps from scratch.Through a series of guided instruction and over 30 hands-on coding exercises, you’ll learn iOS development by creating 7 example apps. Topics include:

Key Aspects of the Swift Programming language
Swift is the object-oriented programming language that you use to write iOS apps. We assume that you’re already comfortable with another OO programming language. We’ll help you quickly transition to Swift so you can jump right into iOS development with confidence. Topics include:

  • The Swift REPL and Playgrounds
  • Stand-alone functions in Swift
  • Fundamental Swift entities: String, Int, Dictionary, and Array
  • Swift types including classes, objects, protocols, structs, modules, and enumerations
  • Gaining power and flexibility through optionals, generics, and closures

Course Overview

  • Swift Language Syntax
  • Installing and Configuring iOS Development Tools
  • XCode Development Environment
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Designing Model-View-Controller Applications
  • The ARC System
  • Usage of the Most Common Views and View Controllers
  • Creating Adaptive User Interfaces for Multiple iOS Devices
  • Responding to User Interactions with Event Handlers
  • Accessing and Maintaining Database Objects
  • Persisting Data Manually and with Core Data
  • Service Oriented Architecture Concepts
  • Implementing Web Services into iOS Applications
  • Storyboard Development for Multiple Platforms
  • Developing Interfaces for Multiple Platforms and Resolutions
  • Core APIs and Frameworks
  • Apple Design Guidelines and Good Code Design Practices
  • Hardware Camera System and Image Capturing
  • Audio and Video Recording/Playback

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