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Apple announced Swift at WWDC 2014 as a new programming language that combines experience with the Objective-C platform andios swift training Hyderabadadvances in dynamic and statically typed languages over the last few decades. Before Swift, most code written for iOS and OS X applications was in Objective-C, a set of object-oriented extensions to the C programming language. Swift aims to build upon patterns and frameworks of Objective-C but with a more modern runtime and automatic memory management.

Getting started with Swift
Swift provides a runtime interpreter that executes statements and expressions. The Swift interpreter is called swift and caniOS Swift Training Hyderabadbe launched from the Xcode 6 tools using the xcruncommand in a shell:
$ xcrun swift
Welcome to Swift!  Type :help for assistance.
While Apple’s Playgrounds might not be as fun as playing kickball when I was nine years old, it definitely brings a lot of fun back to experimenting and playing with code.
Getting started with Playgrounds
Playgrounds are an interactive work environment that lets us write code and see the results immediately in the sidebars. As changes are made to the code, the results in the sidebar also change in real time. This means that Playgrounds are a great way to learn and experiment with Swift.
Playgrounds also make it incredibly easy to try out new APIs, prototype new algorithms, and demonstrate how code works. We will be using Playgrounds throughout this book to show how our sample code works. Therefore, before we really get into Swift development, let’s spend some time learning and getting comfortable with Playgrounds.
If the Swift code does not make a lot of sense right now, do not worry; as we go through the book, this code will begin to make sense. We are simply trying to get a feel of Playgrounds right now.ios Swift training Hyderabad
A Playground has three sections, as follows:
  • Coding Area: This is where you enter your Swift code.
  • Results Sidebar: This is where the results of your code are shown. Each time you type in a new line of code, the results are re-evaluated and the results sidebar is updated with the new results.
  • Timeline Sidebar: This sidebar displays various objects depending on what your code does. iOS swift training Hyderabad
Developers have already begun looking for ways to push Swift to do even more than iOS and OS X app development. Some are using it to create command-line scripts to replace/supplement the existing scripting languages, such as Python and Ruby. However, Apple’s priority, at least for now, is to make it the best language possible to facilitate app development.
It is important to note that learning Swift is only the first step towards developing Apple’s platforms. To develop a device, you must learn the programming language and the frameworks that the device maker provides. Skill in a programming language is the foundation to get better at using frameworks, and ultimately building apps.
Developing software is like building a table. You can learn the basics of woodworking and nail a few pieces of wood together to make a functional table, but you are very limited in what you can do because you lack advanced woodworking skills. If you want to make a truly great table, first, you need to step away from the table and focus on developing your skill set. The better you are at using the tools, the more possibilities open up to you to create more advanced and high quality furniture. Similarly, with very limited knowledge of Swift, you can start to piece together a functional app from the code you find online. However, to really make something great, you have to put the time and effort into refining your language-related skill set. Every language feature or technique that you learn opens up more possibilities for your app.
That being said, most developers are driven by a passion to create things and solve problems. We learn best when we can channel our passions into truly improving ourselves and the world around us. We wouldn’t want to get stuck learning the minutia of a language with no practical purpose.

iOS Swift training HyderabadIf you want to develop native iOS or Mac OS apps, then you basically need to learn Swift. Native apps outperform cross-platform hybrid apps, and the built-in SpriteKit makes it easier than ever to build 2D games with Swift.

Beginner Friendliness
Heavily influenced by Python and Ruby, Swift was designed to be beginner-friendly and fun to use. Both of these will help greatly in terms of motivation. However, considering that Swift is very new, resources may be a bit lacking in number or easily outdated, but this situation will definitely improve with time.
Easy to Understand
As a high level language, Swift reads quite close to English, so it is rather easy to pick up for beginners. Apple also took lessons from all the mistakes people were making with Objective-C and made designs to prevent beginners from shooting themselves in the foot.
Easy to Maintain
Swift is a statically-typed language, and xCode will check your code for errors before it builds your app. This means errors will be easier to track down. Furthermore, since statically-typed languages are also more strict with the definitiiOS Swift training Hyderabadons of things, you will have less strange and unexpected errors, which means your codebase will be easier to maintain as it grows in size and complexity.
As a statically typed language, Swift is faster than dynamically typed languages because things are more clearly defined. Thus, when the app is running, your machine’s resources will not be wasted on checking the definition of something in your code.
Optimized Memory-Usage
Resource usage is an important figure for mobile apps, so Swift uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) that will track and manage your app’s memory usage in real time to make sure it does not take up too much memory. This is quite useful, especially as your app grows larger.
First of all, community size is important, because the larger a programming language community is, the more support you’d be likely to get. As you step into the programming world, you’ll soon understand how vital support is, as the developer community is all about giving and receiving help. Moreover, the largeriOS Swift training Hyderabad a community, the more people will be building useful tools to make development in that particular language easier. As of now, there are over 600 notable programming languages world-wide.
So, with that context in mind, let’s get into the details of the Swift community size.
10th Most-followed Programming Language on StackOverflow
StackOverflow is a programming Q&A site you will no doubt become intimate with as a coding beginner. There are over 15k StackOverflow users following Swift, and over 69k Swift-related questions have been asked.
Over 240 Useful GitHub Projects to Ease Development
Swift is rapidly gaining useful tools, and although many critical or useful native iOS development tools are still written in Objective-C, in the future they’re likely to have better support for Swift. Swift is compatible with Objective-C, though we would suggest picking up Objective-C before you decide to use a tool coded in Objective-C
In true Apple fashion, they did not want to release a half-baked language. They realized that no matter the drawbacks of Objective-C, they could still push the envelope with it, and so they did.

Swift probably took a little over four years to create and is the result of the work of many smart individuals who love crafting a new language. They looked all around for inspiration and not only created a new language but tools to along with it that would make it easy to learn.

When talking about Swift, Apple refers to three key considerations: Safe, Modern and Powerful.
Building iOS apps with swift.
Swift is a new programming language created by Apple to program iOS apps. If you are new to programming or to Swift then this course is for you. This course will introduce you to iOS app development in Swift, a new programming language from Apple.This course will set you on your way to becoming an iOS Developer, where you’ll establish a basic understanding of the iOS ecosystem. You’ll also have working knowledge of Swift, Apple’s custom programming language created exclusively for the mobile developer.
After the completion of iOS App Development using Swift course  you will be able to:
  • Understand the core construct of newly introduced Swift Programming Language
  • Work with Autolayouts to build applications for all screen sizes
  • Handle touch and complex multi-touch sequences
  • Animate user interfaces
  • Pull data from a web service for use in an application
  • Create an application that can access the user’s photos or use the camera to take new photos for use within the application
  • Store data on the device using multiple techniques
  • Properly configure your user interface to handle multiple device orientations and device rotation
  • Architect large applications with many sources of data and interfaces
  • Learn how to program real apps with Swift
  • Make an app for your business
  • Implement an app idea that you have had
  • Sell and market your apps successfully
  • Start a new career as an app developer
Who should go for this course?
The course is designed for professionals who want to learn iOS App Development with Apple’s Brand New Language ‘Swift’. The following professionals can go for this course:
1. Software Developers and Architects
2. Mobile App Developers
3. Project Managers
4. Testing Professionals
5. Mainframe Professionals
6. Graduates aiming to build a career in iOS App Development.

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