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Puppet Training


Puppet is a next generation IT automation software for system administrators. Puppet lets system administrators monitor the entire infrastructure life cycle. It also allows automation of repetitive tasks, deployment of critical applications and proactively change management.

puppet Training

In a complex enterprise IT environment, an ideal automation solution should:

  • Support multiple OS

  • Provision servers

  • Support virtualization

  • Integrate with monitoring solutions

  • Manage configuration of servers

  • Support compliance initiatives

  • Support cloud infrastructure

Puppet Training – You Will Learn

  • Creating a series of modules adhering to common design patterns.
  • Configuring multiple Masters to use a shared certificate authority.
  • Configuring Hiera as a single source of truth data source.
  • Transitioning to PuppetDB as a performant backend for `storeconfigs`.


This puppet training has no prerequisites, but to complete the course successfully attendees need to have at least the equivalent experience of a junior Unix/Linux administrator.


Fundamental topics covered include:

  • Developing modules/classes on a system that represent target systems

  • Using Puppet Apply to test and iterate modules

  • Placing modules on the Puppet Master

  • Declaring appropriate classes in node definitions

  • Triggering a Puppet run using the Live Management GUI

  • Collecting and analyzing results in the Enterprise Console


The Advanced Puppet training covers skills for senior system administrators and developers who are looking to implement Puppet IT Automation software into complex environments and who wish to optimize the Puppet solution for large scale deployments. (It is the follow-up from the Puppet Fundamentals course.)


Advanced Puppet topics covered include:

  • Puppet Beyond the fundamentals

  • More advanced Modules and Classes

  • Separating Data from Code

  • Developing great manifest code

  • Reporting and Auditing

  • Mcollective

  • Optimizing and scaling Puppet

  • Code Compression and Best Practices

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