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Developing Apps with Splunk


This splunk training is an introduction to Splunk App development, Simple XML, and the Splunk Web Framework. Students will build a Splunk App, which includes creating complex dashboards and forms, adding lookups, tokens, post-process searches, and dynamic drill downs. They will also learn how to add visualizations that use third-party JavaScript libraries.

splunk training

Course Prerequisites

What is Splunk
Using Splunk
Searching and Reporting with Splunk
Creating Splunk Knowledge Objects

Splunk Training : Course Outline

Introduction to Apps

  •     Define Splunk apps
  •     Describe views in the context of apps
  •     Explain knowledge objects in the context of apps
  •     Describe roles & permissions for apps

Creating an App

  •     Define the steps to create an app
  •     Explain how to use app builder
  •     Describe the two app templates
  •     Identify app knowledge objects
  •     Create a view
  •     Set view and app permissions

Adding Configurations

  •     Describe how configuration files relate to apps
  •     Identify where to change config settings
  •     Learn stanza and attributes of config files

Using Simple XML

  •     Explain how to access a view’s simple XML
  •     Identify the seven simple XML panel objects
  •     Define the simple XML syntax
  •     Modify panels using simple XML

Creating Form Search Views

  •     Identify the two types of form search views
  •     Identify the five types of form inputs
  •     Describe how tokens work
  •     Explain how cascading dropdown menus work
  •     Explain how dynamic drilldowns work

Splunk Web Framework

  •     Describe the two types of Splunk Apps
  •     Demonstrate how to convert simple XML to HTML
  •     Explain how to use custom stylesheets and JavaScript in an app
  •     Identify two external chart libraries available to Splunk


  •     Describe how Splunk’s REST API works
  •     Name three tasks the REST API can perform
  •     Define API endpoints
  •     List current Splunk SDKs

Navigation & Branding

  •     Create navigation for an app
  •     Assign an app icon for the app menu and home page
  •     Identify two locations for graphic files in an app

Packaging Apps

  •     Define the app directory structure
  •     Prepare your app for packaging and distribution
  •     Package your app


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